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Ever Clean Cat Litter

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Purrth's Favourites - Cat Litter!

10 Litre Box

Our Purrth Favourites are the products that we have tried and tested with our 12 fur-babies and absolutely love. From the best food, to the best toys; we get to try it all. Purrth's Favourites are the ones we use personally, and recommend above all else.

What Makes a Good Cat Litter?

Cat Litter has three important jobs:

  1. Provide a safe material that our cats love to do their business on.
  2. Minimise all smells - especially indoors!
  3. Minimise wastage - good for the planet, and good for the hip pocket.

 Why is Ever Clean the Purrth Favourite?

Ever Clean meets the three criteria better than everything we have tried before. It is specially designed by Cat Lovers in Europe to achieve the very best:

  • It is safe for cats, no nasty chemicals!
  • The clumping works instantly (seriously impressive), so the smell is essentially vacuumed away as soon as they go.
  • The clumping ONLY sticks to the business, not to itself. It is so strong and efficient, that it will turn into a rock instantly, and you can pull it out with no wastage - amazing!
  • It uses a low dust formula, so you and your fluffy don't choke!
  • This version is Multiple Cat - designed to be extra strong in odour reduction so that A: it masks more odours, and B: multiple cats can share a tray without being put off by another's smell.

Extra Bonuses:

  • A single box of Ever Clean can last up to 60 days for one cat, it's that efficient!
  • Maintain 7cm deep of Ever Clean in your litter tray, then the business will never reach the bottom, so you'll only have to scoop out the rocks. Never waste the whole tray again!

Always in Stock:

  • We love Ever Clean so much that we have a storage shed full of it, so we'll always have some boxes in The Cat Cafe for sale - no running out when you need it most!
  • We can ship this to you, but keep in mind, litter is heavy!
  • There's no shipping cost if you can pick up in store!

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