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Cats of Perth Hardcover

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Cats of Perth - Our Very First Book!

Our vision is for Animal Welfare and Human Happiness. To achieve this, we need to spread the love and touch the lives of as many cats and people is possible. 

This book has four chapters:

1. Home Cats, a selection of Perth’s cats in their daily life.

2. Cafe Cats, behind the scenes with our 12 furry rescue children

3. Cat Haven Cats, a cross section of the amazing variety of cats at Cat Haven over two months.

4. Perth Cat Hospital, Dr. Martine shares her tips and guidance to ensure the happiness and health of your own cat.


Supporting cats in many ways!

So whether you’re buying this book as a gift for a cat loving friend, for a behind the scenes glimpse at our kitties, to support WA rescues in need at Cat Haven, or to please your own furry one - we want to say thank you.

A big, purr-filled thank you!


Part proceeds to Cat Haven WA - Free Shipping during Launch Week ONLY.


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