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By purchasing tickets, you agree to all of the Cat Cafe Rules [see images], The FAQ Page, and the NOTES below:

Evenings and weekdays are our least busy times. 

NOTE 1. Cats are Live Animals; we cannot predict their behaviour.

The cats are most likely to be playful in the first morning or last evening sessions, and relaxed for sleepy pats in the middle sessions. Children + Families are encouraged to attend earlier sessions, while nights are usually for adults.

NOTE 2. Please arrive 10 minutes early

You'll need time to sign in and get your coffee + treats. Note also, all time slots include our briefing time, and change-over time.

NOTE 3. One ticket = One Entrant. Every guest needs a ticket.

As ticketing is strictly limited in the Cat Lounge to ensure cat wellbeing, you must purchase a ticket for each guest, including children, regardless of age. FREE Tickets are granted to on-duty carers with Companion Cards (book all tickets online, then receive a refund for one ticket when you show your valid Card on arrival), and please consult our FAQ section regarding wheelchair access before purchasing tickets.

NOTE 4. Our current AGE LIMIT is set to four and up (4+).

All patrons must be four or older to enter (incl. no babies at this time). We encourage parents to book day time sessions. There can be no large groups of children, or parties at this time.

NOTE 5. ALL CHILDREN UNDER 11 must have a supervising guardian.

Joining them in The Cat Lounge, both parents and children MUST purchase tickets, regardless of age. Any children without supervision will be refused entry without a refund.

RESCHEDULING must provide at least 48 HOURS NOTICE via email, or tickets and funds will be forfeited.  


If times are GREY that session is already FULLY BOOKED. Simply click "Reset Times" and choose a different date/time to find more tickets.

The availability counter shows how many tickets are left in that session. IE: Counter showing "1" means only one ticket remains. 

12 People may attend any session, with a maximum of 8 people per group. Groups wishing to have more than 8 guests must book out the Cat Lounge Exclusively, see Private Functions HERE

Part proceeds of these tickets - and everything we sell - goes to supporting our partners at Cat Haven!


The kitties are excited to see you at Purrth, 147 Rokeby Road, Subiaco - MEOW!!

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