Meditation with Cats

Meditation with Cats is all about un-doing the stress.

We spend hours and hours every day with our 12 furry children and there is one thing that we notice consistently - they sure know how to relax!

Cats appear to be experts in mindfulness, as they sit, lay, or stand quietly observing or resting as the world goes by. They are totally devoid of external pressures, and seem to effortlessly fall back into a state of zen whenever they so choose.

There is a lot to learn from them.

Introducing Meditation with Cats:

We have teamed up with Pause HQ to run sessions of relaxation with the cats where we will practice meditation techniques in the company of the furry zen masters. 

The Details:

  • Select the class you wish to attend from the dropdown box
  • The time you select is the one you must attend (no swapping)
  • Class will start on the hour, arrive 10 mins early for sign in.
  • All normal Cat Cafe rules apply during the session
  • Meditation with cats is about sharing mindfulness with them.
  • ONLY 12 places per session - no reschedules.

Why Meditation with Cats?

  1.  Our hearts naturally open when we sit with cats: both literally (they lower blood pressure and stress), and metaphorically (because they offer us unconditional love and acceptance).  They also help us connect to these qualities within ourselves during meditation.

  2. Cats live in the moment: through sharing meditation with them they can (and will!) help us to do the same.  Let them teach you how to let go of worries and distractions so you can embrace feelings of gratitude + peace.

  3. To optimise your wellbeing.   Meditation provides many health benefits.  Stress relief, increased focus/ memory and better sleep are just a few reasons to meditate, all supported by scientific research.  Who better to learn and practice meditation with than 12 furry zen masters! 

Who will be guiding the Meditation?

  • Carolyn Trethewey is a meditation teacher, herbal + nutritional medicine practitioner, and results coach. Carolyn loves empowering people as she helps them reach greater levels of wellness and balance in all areas of life. 

  • Her passion is teaching people how to meditate with animals, seeing them as our wise friends and teachers.  

  • Carolyn has travelled twice to the United States for specialty training, sharing meditation with animals including tigers, a bear, leopards, tortoises and even an alligator!  

  • Since 2014 she has also volunteered at Cat Haven, sharing meditation with hundreds of cats in need.

  • For more details about Carolyn’s business please visit the “Pause | people. animals. wellness.” website:

About the Session:

This is a brand new initiative for The Cat Cafe. This class will be great for beginners in meditation, and for those with more experience who would like to learn about engaging animals in their practice. Carolyn's methods can be shared with any and all animals, so you can use the techniques learned with any of your pets or creature friends, not just cats.

We all need to take a moment to relax and decompress, what better time than stressful December, and what better way than with the masterful teaching of rescue cats!

Places strictly limited, email your interest if you miss out.

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