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Wall Mounted Scratchers

Scratchy Time Wall Art Scratchers!

Our wall art scratchers are designed to mount on to your wall for two reasons:

  1. To get the scratcher off the floor, and keep your cat space looking tidy.
  2. To look more like an artwork than a ghastly cat object, and match your beautiful home.

Scratchy Times are all 100% Made in Perth at Purrth by Cat Mum and Cat Dad:

  • We draw the design
  • We laser cut the materials
  • We use animal/people safe glues and assemble
  • All supervised & approved by our furry family of 12



Scratchy Times are made by re-using standard carpets and sustainable fibre board, which means they're safe for lots of kitty scratching.

Colour options are an easy to colour match muted blue or grey for the single colour designs, and a combination of the same blue and grey for the dual colour designs.


Sizes in Height/Width/Thickness

  • Minimalist Scratchy: 440(H) x 275(W) x 12(T)
  • Catcus Scratchy: 580(H) x 215(W) x 12(T)
  • High Four Scratchy: 440(H) x 280(W) x 12(T)
  • Sydney Opera House Scratchy: 180(H) x 440(W) x 12(T)



The back of each scratchy will have four mounting strips. Simply peel off the red protective tape to reveal the adhesives, then push them firmly onto the wall for thirty seconds to lock onto place. Always clean the wall surface and remove any dust or debris before applying adhesives. These four strips are rated for 15kg, which should allow any cat to scratch freely.

 *Before Mounting:

We recommend leaving the Scratchy Time in your cat's space on the floor for a day or so, to allow time for them to give it a good smell and do some scratching to mark it as their own. Once they've scratched a bit, mount it and they will be back for more :)